About Us

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We aim to produce beers that are locally sourced, with over 90% of our barley grown and malted in Washington State. Over 90% of our hops are grown and processed in the state as well. Our equipment is predominately purchased locally and currently over 85% of it is made in the United States, with a portion made right here in Washington State.

Copy of IMG_0661Skookum Brewery had its humble beginning, like many breweries, through home brewing. Ron, the founder, spent years practicing and experimenting with the art of brewing, seeing many failures and successes. Prior to opening the brewery doors in 2007, Ron attended a 6-month brewing school at the American Brewers Guild.

Beginning with the same 10-Barrel brewing system that it utilizes today, Skookum Brewery opened in Arlington, Washington, being dubbed the brewery in the woods. In the beginning, Ron and his wife, Jackie, opened a small tasting room, began distributing brews locally and after a few short years, became popular enough to expand.

In 2012, Skookum began the process of moving the operation. Starting with the tasting room, Skookum opened its doors at its current location, across the street from the Arlington Municipal Airport. Shortly after, the brewing system was also relocated to the new location.

Since moving, Skookum Brewery now offers more hours, wine, a craft cider, root beer and a variety of infamous brews. To support the high demand, Skookum has taken on new employees. Hollis was hired on as our brewer in 2011. Jessica came on board helping manage events and Angel joined us as Skookum’s manager.