Here at Skookum Brewery, our beer is both open and closed fermented. Our ingredients are primarily sourced from Washington State, with over 90% of our grain grown and malted in our home state. Nearly all of our hops are grown in the evergreen state as well. Below are the beers we have on tap. Feel free to stop in and try them for yourself!

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Listed below are the brews that Skookum offers. Be sure to give us a call about availability!

-Year Round-

Copy of Murder of CrowsMurder of Crows: A big, roasty, American Stout, brewed with a plethora of specialty malts and finished on old crow whiskey oak cubes. Bitter chocolate, oak, dark fruit and a subtle smoky char.

Copy of AHFAmber’s Hot Friend: Our Amber ale brewed with a shapely malt body and enough hops to keep her feisty. Flavors of caramel, mild citrus and a clean, balanced finish.

Copy of JackassJackass IPA: Our pungent, light bodied, west coast style IPA. Constantly playing with hop combinations here, so never quite the same beer. Expect flavors and aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, pine and honey.

Copy of Mammoth

Mammoth Jack IIPA: Double IPA brewed with a touch of rye and massively dry hopped with Yakima Valley hops. Grapefruit, pine, herbal and fruity flavors/aroma.


Copy of B&H

Brown & Hairy: Falling somewhere between a brown and a porter, this ale, brewed with a handful of specialty malts, has notes of toasted bread, chocolate, raisins and a mild nuttiness.

Copy of Porter

Rye Porter: Four varieties of rye, including flaked, roasted and crystal, are the building blocks for our robust porter. Bitter chocolate, malt roast, bready rye tang and a balanced hop bite.

Copy of 3-6-Oh!Three-Six-Oh Pale Ale: Three malts, six hops and zero regard for style guidelines. An over-hopped pale ale brewed with premium British pale malt and oats. Flavors of tangerine, pine resin and floral/honey notes.

Copy of Olde Tom

Olde Tom IPA: A balanced ‘Northwest’ IPA using American and Belgian malts combined with Washington hops. A strong malt backbone supports a pine and grapefruit presence.

Copy of Contract HighCont(r)act High: Massively hopped double IPA, with nearly 5lbs of hops per bbl during the brewing process. Expect flavors/aromas of candied fruit, citrus, pine resin and dank floral undertones. 9.0%

Skookum Pilsner:A traditional Czech style lager brewed with European pilsner malt and ‘spicy’ noble hops.

Copy of Murder of CrowsBreakfast of Crows: Imperial oatmeal stout brewed with maple syrup and conditioned on vanilla beans, bourbon oak cubes and espresso. Big flavors of chocolate, coffee, vanilla and maple with a smooth oaky finish.

batch_Effen Heffen.03Effen Heffen: Wheat ale brewed with a traditional Bavarian yeast. For a little Skookum twist, we added orange zest and fruity hops to the kettle.

batch_Daily Rind.39Daily Rind: Brewed with three different ‘citrusy’ hop varieties and conditioned on 35lbs of fruit (grapefruit and clementines). Mild malt, dry citrus rind and juicy hops.

Coming SoonCoffee Vanilla Porter: A full-bodied robust porter brewed with Camano Island Roasters coffee and whole vanilla beans. Bold flavors with a velvety finish.

Copy of CameoCameo Saison: Farmhouse style ale, brewed with hibiscus, lime and other spies. Fermented with two different yeast strains and fruity American hops to create a light, mildly tart, peppery and citrusy ale.

Coming SoonBrown & Scary: We nearly double the mash size of our Brown & Hairy to brew this one. Additionally, we add oat malt and large dollop of brown sugar to the brew. Expect flavors of sweet, bready malts, chocolate and toasted hazelnuts, with a warming alcohol finish.

Stop into Skookum to check for infusions of your favorite brews!