Skookum Beers: always big, bold, and strong.

-Year Round-

Murder of Crows – 9.0%

A big, roasty, American Stout, brewed with a plethora of specialty malts and finished on old crow whiskey oak cubes. Bitter chocolate, oak, dark fruit and a subtle smoky char.

Amber’s Hot Friend – 5.1%

Our Amber ale brewed with a shapely malt body and enough hops to keep her feisty. Flavors of caramel, mild citrus and a clean, balanced finish.

Jackass I.P.A. – 7.0%

Our pungent, light bodied, west coast style IPA. Constantly playing with hop combinations here, so never quite the same beer. Expect flavors and aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, pine and honey.

-Rotating Taps-

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The following are our latest releases. Please note that many of the beers don’t last long. 

WBP-5 – 6.0%*

Barrel fermented and aged mixed culture saison. Finished on Key Lime and meyer lemon zest.

Brumation – 5.0%

Pilsner brewed with German malts and Czech saaz hops. Light with hints of hak, citrus, light biscuty malt. Crispy lager.

Uncle Buckwheat – 6.8%

Brown ale brewed with toasted buckwheat and nugget hops.
Toasty, Nutty, Chocolate and Earthy!

2019 Barren Wood – 11%*

Barleywine aged for 12 months. Notes of warm toffee, vanilla, tobacco, spicy rye whiskey and comforting oak.

Near & Dear I.P.A. – 6.4%

IPA mashed with piles of soft wheat and spelt.

HOPS – Simcoe, Idaho-7, Mandarina, and Blanca

Planet Caravan I.P.A. – 6.4%

Spelt IPA. Pillowy and aromatic. Grapefruit, mango, limey vanilla.

HOPS – Citra, Motueka, and Chinook

Fresh. Dank. Strata F.H.I.P.A. – 6.8%

Fresh Hop IPA. Notes of sticky orange, resinous tropical fruits, and citrus tang.

HOPS – Strata

Nug Life I.P.A. – 7.1%

Chronically dank IPA. Notes of sticky greens, oily fingers, and tropical riffs.

HOPS – Mosaic, Simcoe, and Nugget

Rising Bines F.H.I.P.A. – 6.4%

Rye and Wheat Fresh Hop IPA. Fresh AF Blueberry diesel and tropical vapors.

HOPS – Mosaic

*Not available for taster tray.